Learn more about UX, SEO and Search Quality Evaluations

We all know the importance of UX and SEO; the missing piece is Search Page Quality rankings, which is asking if your page is trustworthy. We will show you how to make sure your page quality ranking stays high.


What Is. …

With new ways popping up every day to market your business, implementing UX, SEO, and Page Quality strategies is a positive step to get more leads and sales.

Search engines changed the game in how people find information on products and services. This fact alone makes it vital to rank highly by search engines for terms relevant for your business. 

What is User Experience Design?

UX design is how users feel whenever they interact with a system. It could be software, a web application, desktop, or mobile. A UX design is a method of solving problems, evaluating how users feel about a system and the efficiency of performing tasks.

What is Keyword Research?

Before beginning an SEO campaign, you will need to research relevant keywords and phrases that are related to your products or services and that your users will search. Targeted keywords that you want to rank and words that will send a user and traffic to your site.

What are Page Quality Ratings?

Based on Google’s guidelines for search, the goal of Page quality (PQ) rating is to determine how well a page achieves its purpose. For an evaluator to give a high rating based on the guideline, they must first understand the meaning of website pages and often the entire website.  (Google Search Quality Guidelines.)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO are methods used to optimize websites, get traffic by ranking in search engines. This is done by using audience targeted keywords or phrases. Other steps include on-site optimization, link building,  Conversion Rate Optimization and more.

What is Search Quality Evaluations?

Are evaluations done by Google quality raters and based on Googles’s Search Quality guidelines to evaluate the quality of search results. Quality raters review pages and rate them from the lowest quality to the highest.

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