For Google Data Analytics Certification

Bellabeat case study is the final project in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification course.


As a new Bellabeat junior data analyst employee of six months on the marketing analytical team, I am tasked with analyzing a public dataset from FitBit Fitness Tracker Data – CC0:Public Domain (made available through [Mobius]), to conduct a market analysis of current trends and use the insights discovered to help guide the marketing strategy for one of Bellabeat products.


How can a Wellness Technology Company Play it Smart?

About the Company: Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a wellness brand that is created for women and has an ecosystem of products and services that is focused on the overall health of women. They develop smart wearables that monitor biometric and lifestyle data that can be used as a guide to help women know more about their own bodies and make healthier choices.



  • Bellabeat app- provide users with health data related to their activity
  • Leaf – a wellness tracker that can be worn like a bracelet, necklace, or clip
  • Time – smart technology tracker, activity, sleep,stress, etc.
  • Spring – water bottle that tracks daily water intakeBellabeat membership – 24/7 subscription-based progam for users