There are 11 steps in creating buyer personas, that will offer up the best strategy for your customers:

Step 1. Name (this is the easy part)

Step 2. Background (job (career path), family)

Step 3. Demographics (gender, age, income, location)

Step 4. Personality markers (calm person, communication routine, people person, etc)

Step 5: Goals – what are your personas’ main goal(s)? secondary goal(s)?

Step 6: Challenges – what are your personas’ main challenges?

Step 7: What are your solutions for your personas’ in Steps 5-6?

Step 8: Create a short quote or phrase that expresses your personas’ goals and challenges.

Step 9: Highlight keywords, phrases or quotes from steps 2-8. This will give you a proper chance to address their problem(s).

Step 10: Write down 3 points on why your personas’ may object to your solution.

Step 11: Now create a marketing message or pitch that will show them what you can offer to solve their problem.
And that’s it.

Create a two-column grid with Background, Demographics and Personality markers on the left side and bullet points answers on the right. This is a great method of putting your customers first. Give it a try.

The minimum number of personas should be kept between 3-5.

Remember, this exercise will teach you how to put your customers first by including them in your brand message and selling points.