(Storytelling image by By Whitney Quesenbery & Kevin Brooks)

One of the best ways to increase user interaction on your site is to implement storytelling. You can do this using a video, images, and even hand-drawn sketches. Your goal is to evoke a specific emotional response or provide a rich context to enhance user learning.

Create a setting, add characters, have a relatable plot, set a mood, and make sure the flow of events is bright and exciting. Use elements that will lead to user engagement, but don’t make it too long. Remember, since the age of mobile devices, the human attention span is down to 8 seconds from 12. In comparison, a goldfish attention span is 9 seconds.

 If you’re still stuck on how to begin practicing your storytelling skills, check out this template that was recommended to me by another Ux designer.

Once upon a time___________________. Every day _________________. One day _______________. Because of that, _________________. Until finally____________________.

Once you’re finished you will have a method of how to tell a story that will connect your users and get them excited to invest in what you’re building towards with your product or service.

Tomorrow we will talk more about the elements of a story. For now, practice what you would like to say. Remember you are taking your users on a journey, don’t leave them out of the story. Connect them to it.

(Template provided by Prototypr)