I’m Sondra, a Ux Designer and web developer

I started my professional career as a Usability specialist at an international research firm in Copenhagen. I’m of the school of ‘Simplicity is the key,” and many of the websites that I was in charge of conducting user testing were all but simple. So I sought out to teach companies how they could create a more simple website that users would love to visit. However, I discovered another problem besides usability issues. A large number of websites designed for the owner and not the user and that the problem with most was not the product but the way the website spoke about the product. They were leaving users feeling that the site was irrelevant for them. It became essential, for me, to teach companies that whatever product or service they were offering, to present it as a ‘solution for the user’, not a showcase piece for the website owners. Creating a website for users, I quickly found out, is a tough thing for website owners to learn. 

SDC started as a side project to help my family and friends with their websites. The idea was never to become a web designer but a UX designer with a focus on analysis, user behavior, and simplicity of website design. I quickly discovered that to give my clients the best chance to achieve a higher ranking position with search engines, SEO, and Search Page Quality assessments required that our team adopt a more synergic strategy.


Me and the late Mrs. Betty.

Our Philosophy at SDC


Simplicity is the key

What we know for sure is that UX and SEO have shared goals. One of them is to achieve better positioning. Having a site that allows users to find what they are looking for quickly also means that your page will receive a high search quality rank that allows search engines to easily find your site.


Know your users

Find out what motivates users to visit your website is an important first step in improving your SEO and User experience.


Poor UX hurts SEO

SEO is about User Experience and in order for search engines (SE) to rapidly crawl and index your site. SE needs to first assess whether or not visitors enjoy navigating effortlessly throughout your website.

Your Content should tell your Users Stories

A User Persona is one of the most common ways to tell a user story. Personas are ‘made up scenarios. A more common practice today is to use real users and real stories. This method allows our team to create products and services motivated by the relationship in how users’ problems are really solved.

Content that is real

Content that solves a problem

Content that connects

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