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BBH - logo

Demo-site:New site design and development

Build Black Houston - non profit site
Pincer Biotech 2022

New site design and development

Pincer Biotech home page

New site design and development

Engimmune Therapeutics New Website design

Redesign – Abstract Logo – Style guide


Redesign – Abstract Logo – Style guide

Abarceo Pharma
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New site – Landing page – Abstract Logo

iSD Immunotech

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Evergreen Sport Dk

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FITMI-First in Male Infertility

New site – Monogram Logo

FITMI-First in Male Infertility

Redesign – Branding – Style guide

Evergreen Sport Dk

Redesign – Branding – Style guide

Evergreen Sport Dk

Redesign – Branding

Evergreen Sport Dk

Redesign – Branding – Logo- Style guide

Professional Women of Colour Denmark
ProWoc Members Network

Private Online Network Community

ProWoc Community

New site – Branding

ProWoc Conference 2021
ProWaccelerate logo

New site – Branding – Logo

ProWaccelerate home page

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Women of My Tribe

Redesign – Branding

The Milat Foundation

Newsite – Branding – Logo

Thomas W Spann Author

New site – Branding – Logo

Rick Hightower



What you can learn from a UX designer & web developer

“A User Experience designer with only one goal in mind. Create simplicity through communication interactions. And the way to get there is by stressing the importance of user empathy and teach companies how to include users in every area of the development process and business strategy.”

Our Approach

Simplicity is Key - Users are the focus

We love helping people improve their website design. Combining three exceptional disciplines, SEO and UX design, and following it up with Search Quality guidelines will simultaneously improve your site speed time, Google ranking, increase your CRO as well as user experience.

WordPress Websites

SD Consultants specializes in websites built with WordPress and WordPress customized themes. We make sure that even novice users can maintain and manage content with ease. We present new ways to stay creative and not put unconscious boundaries on our creative process. We look outside of the project scope for inspiration.

Modern, clean professional Ux designs

We offer designs that will not be outdated in six months. Our professionally created designs using the latest web design trends, web development features all customized for WordPress themes. 

We also offer a *1-year free website maintenance.
*offer does not apply to Landing page/1-4-page websites

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